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Menu or retail display holder. 1 for 20D set of 4 at 60D


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    These bendable rope sculptures were created as specialty menu-holders for a barbecue smoke-house restaurant many years ago. The rope has sculpture armature wire inside of it, and so it is bendable to hold what you want, in quite fantastic pretzel shapes. The bases are plastic resin casts of a WOOD base, and look quite wooden. The reason they weren't used at the restaurant was that the only place I could get old hemp rope was an old-time hardware store which sold it for farmers, and until I got it home I didn't realize it had been sprayed in machine oil to keep it from dry-rotting in the barn. It took several years in MY storage for it to lose the odor of an auto-shop. It is finally ready for the customer's table! I'm selling one for $20 and four for $50, as I'd prefer keeping the set intact for an out-door cafe somewhere. THIS IS ART, and they deserve to be together to show off their bendable unique natures.