Let's toast the 20th century!  We have some worthy cultural heroes!

I got started in 2012 or so, because my wife was looking for a Rachmaninov for the piano, and the only busts you could find were from Brahms' time and before. I decided that I would rectify the situation and leave a legacy of molds for all the great composers I'd grown up with.    After doing the first 30 or so, I couldn't keep myself from adding some of my other heros....childrens' authors, academics, artists, musicians and famous philosophers. I am currently adding a collection of cartoonists, whom I'm afraid have been overlooked as the unsung heroes of critical thought, teaching us how to laugh at ourselves.  There are still composers I'm aching to do, but somehow other great artists and writers &cetera keep getting in the way!

Please note that if you can't find someone you saw on the site before, it is because I've overlooked recasting him or her since they were sold last.  I do everything in the basement of my home in Trenton, NJ, and only have the space to stock one example of each piece.  I photograph each one as it is done, and put it on the site for sale, and generally, as soon as something sells I make a replacement that week....but sometimes don't remember to get around to it.  Send me an email and I'll cast a new one that week....but the bases are all unique, as they come from the end-cuts at my local molding shop.

Also---if there is someone you think belongs in my collection, don't hesitate to ask for him or her.  For $35 or $50 downpayment, I'll start on your request next, and you'll only pay the difference (plus shipping) from the final price (between $40 and $80).  ALSO--I am open to negotiating a store discount.  I certainly can't give you the traditional 50%, but if you've got a shop and want to sell my pieces, you can easily ask 30% above the website price, since buying it here shipping costs as much if not more than the piece itself.