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The Devil's Laugh and Other Stories (book)


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    This is most clearly, a storybook. I am offering it at my regular author's discount, since the publisher offered me an extra 20% off, and I'm anxious to get some more readers. It was, alas, self-published....but the few people who have read it have given me ravings...good ravings and not raving lunatic ravings. One of them, in fact, read it while on a journey with his boss, President Obama, across the sea on Air Force One to Asia. He needed to relax and forget about the present crises (for on Air Force One, every day is a crisis of one sort or another), and seeing as his mother had given him this very short little book with the picture of (nearly) everyone's nemesis (the Devil) on its cover, he sat back and read it in one quick sitting, finishing it probably before they passed over the Aleutians. From Washington to Asia, you must fly the great arc over the north, cutting off an hour or so, instead of straight across the map "as the crow flies" (crows, thinking they're wise-guys like in "Dumbo" use old paper maps). He returned to tell his mother he enjoyed the book greatly and I THINK he said the author was a genius..... in any case, he took to reading the stories to his children (as my friend, his mother, later told me)...not even having to delete the somewhat scurrilous sections, as I have been careful to temper my wording so that only an adult would catch the meaning and snicker, or guffaw, or whatever. Believe me, you have never read the likes of these....mostly patterned after old 19th century type tales such as Kipling might have written but such as the Brothers Grimm never wrote. The contents are:

    1. Adventures of a Cameo-Merchant (being 5 tales in all)
    2. The Devil's Laugh
    3. Mumenali and the Onions (a Just-So Story of why onions make you cry)
    4. The Evil Eye and the Rosebush (a true story of the Evil Eye and a Crown of Thorns)
    5. The Weaver's Tale (being 8 stories in all)

    Ah yes, the illustrations --except for the devil and those interspersed in his story, are my own.

    I hope you like it.