Jules Massenet wall sconce- bust of composer in hydrocal with antique white finish


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    NOTE: The wooden base on which I place this bust may change from time to time....if you are interested in buying him, send me a note and I'll shoot you a photo back.

    I am just now getting to know Massenet's works. Don Quixote is fantastic.

    He was originally kind of an addendum to my 20th century composer series to make sure I covered all the major operatic composers. There were lots of different photos of Jules to choose from, especially as an elderly gent--- however, I went with the dapper and rather cocky-looking Parisian, who was doubtlessly the one who wrote "Manon."

    The hydrocal in the white version is almost as hard as the hydrostone from which the "bronze patina" version is made. Both are especially durable, but will break if dropped. The patina I created is highly misleading, as it looks like a hard bronze or even iron that's been sitting in an antique store for many decades --- you are allowed to fool your friends...