Bartok in classic pose -WHITE on wood


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    Bartok originally done as an experiment without his suit and tie, in a "classical look" like a Greek sculpture. I redid it, with a suit, looking like the staid Hungarian MUSICAL GIANT many of us believe him to be.

    Several years back, my wife was looking for a bust of her favorite composer for the piano, and we realized that nobody has made busts of composers since the days of Brahms and Wagner. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and a few 19th century greats ---no one from the 20th century. As a sculptor and music afficionado, I felt it was my duty to start making the molds. The finished sculptures are all hand cast and finished. Resin casts are burnished with a dremel and steel wool, and then patina'd. Hydrocal casts are hand finished (mostly filling air holes and rebuilding ears, etc.) then varnished and/or given a paint patina.

    The matchbook is my own as well, made to sell my book "The Devil's Laugh" published under the pen-name H.Alan Tansson.