Spinoza, Benedict Baruch - large bust antique bronze on artfully distressed wood base


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    #Spinoza is the #Enlightenment #philosopher par excellence. He is one of my larger busts, at 10 inches tall. He is never included in the list of those Enlightenment thinkers that spurred on science, but yet it is all the great scientists would give his name first as to those philosophers that influenced them most.

    If you are any fan of Baruch Benedict Blessed Spinoza, you are familiar with a picture of a rather dour older fellow in his early 30's....which is from a sketch of the philosopher not long before his death from bad lungs --as it is told, having taken in all the ground glass dust. My portrait attempted to capture the rebellious scholarly youth, who saw a great light beaming in the future for human enlightenment-- believing he was true, after all, to solving Maimonides' great paradox of Jewish faith in 'the ONE.'