McLUHAN - bust of Marshall McCluhan: bronze patina

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    Marshall McLuhan was introduced to me when I was yet a boy, who spent much time thinking and whose mother worried that I would never become something practical, like an artist. It was the old story of Ferdinand the Bull....as I sat smelling the flowers in all the ladies' bonnets. And my mother threw a New York Times Book Review section in my face and said -- "See! Someone ALREADY HAS DONE the philosophy for this century....so you can return to your art and think about making a living for yourself!" Of course, this philosopher was Marshall McLuhan, and whatever the article said, he seemed to have figured everything out about what humans did and where we were headed...our technologies and our meanings. And so once I got to college I got me a very used copy of "Gutenberg Galaxy" cheap, and a weather-worn "Understanding Media" (Signet edition, probably marked 65 cents)...and tore them up in my mind. But of course, they continued to tear me up, and so I never forgot McLuhan. Then, many years later when I was finally writing philosophy AND doing art (such as you see in these pages), I ordered his entire opus from ABEbooks (CHEAP. $3.67/ea, no shipping) and sat down with them for a weekend and decided he really WAS the philosopher of the century, having gone entirely off the deep-end into a new folklore of linguistic usages, which were all his own....but which, I am convinced, are a structural instantiation of all the classes of tropes that media and message can be put to. This bust is of Marshall when he was writing Gutenberg Galaxy and Understanding Media. I may do another one of him when he was already in the post-Jungian Archetype phase of our future.

    BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT THE WHITE or PATINA version of this bust.