Meredith Willson, bust of the Music Man - bronze patina


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    Ever since I began making these sculptures, Meredith has been on my list...way back with Rachmaninov and Gershwin, who were among the first....but for some reason it's taken this long...mostly because I didn't think most people rank him among America's best tunesmiths. I do...besides the fact that he wrote ALL HIS LYRICS and his librettos, putting him a league apart from nearly anyone else but Fats Waller ( who I guess I have to do next). Not Lerner, not Loew, Rogers nor Hammerstein....but I take that back...Steven Sondheim wrote lyrics with his own tunes, but I never thought his tunes were the top. Meredith's ranked with Berlin's and Kern's...he just didn't write as many. I put him off so long because his face was, frankly, so Iowa potato, and back then I didn't have the skill to grasp him. Which reminds me...back then every time I tried to sculpt Poulenc he looked like Herman's time for him now, and a new Gershwin. Get on my back, will you?! George needs a large classic head that I'm capable of doing now.