Benjamin Britten - stylized sculpture in hydrocal w antique white finish


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    Really proud of this piece which I'm finally adding to my collection of 20th century composers. It measures 7 inch high, 5 inch wide, 3.5 inch deep. The patina came out wonderfully..... it really looks bronze! A word of caution, however --- it isn't. It is made of hydrocal hard plaster. It will break and chip if treated as a modern Chinese reproduction. This one may merit a Chinese reproduction which doesn't break or chip, however. Like I saId, I'm proud of this piece as a work of art--- it is stylized to create my image of the Britten who composed "Serenade for Tenor Horn and Strings" for Peter Pears, and the plaintive laments in the "War Requiem" which motivated my childhood growing up through the Cold War.