Van Gogh & the Artist's Left Ear


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    If you Google Van Gogh images you won't find too many....his self-portrait, of course, is how we all think of him--but we must remember, he was an Impressionist, it was not intended as an absolute likeness. I worked from the photos, and allowed my own impression to be somewhat rough, guided by HIS impression as well. I believe this bust conveys his intensity and can serve as a friendly presence in the decor of those intense admirers of his work.

    AH.... if you've browsed the pictures you will see that I ALSO OFFER HIS EAR at a discounted price of $25 extra on the cost of Vincent! The ear normally retails at $35, so this is a savings of ....well, you can figure it out for yourself. It is REALLY MY EAR, and not Vincent's, so it is TRULY the 'Oreille gauche de l'artiste' as it says on the nameplate!