Dumas - General of the Revolution, Caribbean Commander of the Army of Austria - bust

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    This piece has been waiting for years to be created....over two hundred years. On MY to-do-list, however, it has only waited five and I'm happy with the results. We can't tell exactly what he looked like from the paintings, though the one I used is probably pretty close. He is the first great African-American hero on the world stage---American, though from French America. My version is fuller-faced, and resembles a little more his son Alexander, the author of The Three Musketeers and The Man in the Iron Mask. The heroes in those stories are all pastiches of his dad, whose name was not to be mentioned (on pain of sedition and treason) in Napoleon's empire, as the general I've sculpted was perhaps the reason behind Napoleon's accession....he would have been elected to run the country but arrived back late, and deferred to Napoleon. Then, he commanded the army in Egypt until he realized Napoleon, on returning would convert the Republic into an Empire, with himself as emperor. Dumas walked out on him, and was poisoned by Napoleon's orders before returning to France. He lived, but only as a crippled invalid denied a pension. His son, who's godfather was Napoleon (in the earlier days), was left to tell his father's story in many variations, none of which would be believed had he told the truth.

    If you buy this piece before the nameplate is created, I will ship you the nameplate free. I am having my local sports' trophy shop create an engraved version.