Dylan -attempt at a likeness of Bob Dylan in high density plaster


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    Dylan as a 20th century super-hero never looked like this. It's a great bust, with a neat harmonica for a nameplate--but it looks like it was created for a corporate award. If Bob ever sees it he'll make me take it down....he looks like such an IDEALIST staring out to a better horizon---and what a horizon we got today!!! If he was blasting his old stuff, well...the Twitter'd have'm arrested quick for hijacking metaphors.

    Anyway....the guys at Rices' Market said it was a spittin' image of him as long as I didn't give him blond hair....then it was Roger Daltrey. FOR SURE, it's somebody idealistic and cool as hell...but Dylan?

    Anyway, this is probably going to be a one-of-a-kind, unless Bob hisself were to give it his blessing. Next up---Frank Zappa.