Sartre in his Paris Office

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    This rather existential bust is entitled "Jean Paul Sartre in his Paris Office." He was well-known to have done his work in a cafe on the boulevard. It was, for me, rather a bit of a "breaking out" stylistically, and of course, it is fun. The pipe, by the way, comes out, and will be removed for shipping.

    When you get this cast on your bookcase it will be quite clear it was hand-made and nearly one-of-a-kind. It has rough corners and small imperfections everywhere...if it were being readied for a final manufacturing cast it would take about 20 hours more careful work. Since coming from my own 2-part mold, it already has half that much. SO---I MAKE YOU A BIG DEAL!!! If you order this Sartre for yourself or as a gift, make sure to tell me whose book-case it shall be on, and I will engrave a special dedication on the base (the bottom or the back) for you. THAT is a big this alone takes me another hour.