Jane Jacobs - political economist extraordinaire. Antique white or bronze patina

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    Jane is really a heavyweight---good enough for a of the great academics and scholars of the last century in my mind---but if you look her up on the web, she's listed as a JOURNALIST!!! Of course she's famous for "urban studies" along with such fellows as Wm. Whyte....but it Jane introduced so many of the current paradigms of modern POLITICAL economics ....import replacement for one, 'sustainable growth' I believe is also her doing....I can't remember it all, but know that standard economists consider her an outsider and maverick....probably because. her work is like Adam Smith' models, just straight from street-level data. I can't say enough about her of course....was at a conference at the World Bank on technology transfer processes in third world project and everyone was mis-quoting Jane Jacobs' there you have it, she should get the top journalist award for her work at changing the world. And---she ALSO drank at the White Horse Tavern in Manhattan!