Carl Menger bust - founder of Austrian School of Economics

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    I've been waiting to do this fellow for many many years....mostly because I quote him so much in my writings and nobody knows who he is. His problem -- his greatest discovery, the Marginal Utility Theory of Value, was published simultaneous with two other economists that made the same discovery. The only difference was that Menger's is more subtle and general, being based on the theory of information systems which still had almost sixty years to be announced. I also didn't sculpt him earlier because of his beard. I thought he looked too much like the founder of the Sierra Club or John Ruskin or maybe August Rodin or the elder Walt Whitman. Us sculptors can get away with doing one bearded man and just switching nameplates. But you will notice that this does NOT look like any of the forementioned bearded ones... and for that reason it might not even look like Menger himself, but no matter===> this is a very estimable sculpture of a very estimable academic. (his son was the mathematician Menger who is more famous among his fellow mathematicians than dad is among his fellow economists)