HEROS of the Good Fight

W.E.B.Dubois - bust in hi-density gypsum


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    Dubois is incredibly important, as much so because he understood the issues that would plague this nation for the next hundred years if they weren't addressed immediately... just forty years after the Civil War. Nobody who seems to have read him too him so seriously...and even sixty years later, no one was telling us to read "The Souls of Black Folk" or his pure sociological study of the highly striated Philadelphia black community in 1905. When he and Paul Robeson marched into the White House after WWII to demand that Truman put an end to lynchings in the south of returning soldiers who wouldn't put up with Jim Crow, and told him if he didn't, that colored folk would just have to take the law into their own hands Robeson was declared Public Enemy Number One and DuBois, his senior ---fighting with the pacifist NAACP that he founded 40 years before-- left for Africa. This man deserves a place in many a home, church, or institution...and I'm finally glad I got around to sculpting him. And want to thank Anthony for agreeing to order him 'custom' to give me a kick in the Kaiser to get him done.