Ezra Pound - poet's bust in antique white


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    Ezra Pound is still controversial...only because he was a curmudgeon who happened to be wildly opinionated, for good enough reasons.... He helped a good bit of english literature along in the early 20th century, and is worth reading --- his early poetry, as well as bits of the Cantos, which he began (i believe) while in prison for treason ----as he was a supporter of Mussolini during WWII, and broadcast fascist radio commentaries (again, I believe). However, you must expect this sort of thing in wildly opinionated persons with quite a bit of learning under their belt. I grew up in Wyncote (aka Glenside) PA which is alongside the Glenside PA that I grew up in....and so when I did my 10th grade English paper on Ezra he became an early hero of sorts. I like curmudgeons.... I had discovered Hilaire Belloc in 9th grade.