James Joyce bust on a stump - iconic eyepatch, w funky adjustable nameplate


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    James Joyce is, of course, undeniably foundational in the annals of 20th century literary culture....if you love him, this odd-ball art-piece should suit you fine. I've been saving this wood piece for years, waiting for the inspiration to mount someone on it. Joyce was it.... but I couldn't figure out a way to mount the nameplate without spoiling the curves and grain and bark of the wood in some way ...especially if the placement didn't seem right in the end. So I came up with this rubberband idea, so you can hang it where you want...and if you finally decide where it feels best, you can glue it on yourself. You don't have to ship it anywhere, like I do. It would definitely break in shipping, or, reinforced with wood, come off. This IS an art-piece that Joyce probably would have himself loved.