HEROS of the Good Fight

solzhenitsyn, bronze patina on custom cast base


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    A few years back, my wife was looking for a bust of her favorite composer for the piano, and we realized that nobody has made busts of composers since the days of Brahms and Wagner. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and a few 19th century greats ---no one from the 20th century. As a sculptor and music afficionado, I felt it was my duty to start making the molds. The finished sculptures are all hand cast and finished. Hydro-stone casts are given a patina with a mixture of graphite and copperite dust in de-natured alcohol & food coloring, then burnished.

    NOTE the close-up of the name-plate and the roughness of the cast base. I don't want you to get this and say it doesn't look like a professional piece out of a store---it looks hand-made and vintage from the 1940's. This is not specifically my intent, but I have other versions of him in a more traditional bust context.