Shostokovich - Dmitri Shostokovich bust/ statuette -bronze patina


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    #Shostakovitch was one of my favorite #composers from high school through my undergraduate years...his #PreludesandFugues and #stringquartet took me through many a long night writing term papers. This #sculpture piece is rather special, though only 5inch high. I tried to create a kind of mock Soviet art, with the #piano keyboard up a stone facade. Rather odd, to say the least. I've been asked about the even odder globe that seems to emanate from his chest---and all I could say was, I began to block out a #violin neck and got carried away with the symmetry and symbolism of the globe instead. He's a very evocative #musicteachergift, or something unique for any #DmitriShostakovitch #Shostakovich fan in your immediate neighborhood.