Terri Gross and this is FRESH AIR!! Bust in high density plaster, bronze patina

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    When I think of NPR, I think of Terri's interviews.... she is the journeyman of interviewers (I can't think that 'journeyperson' really works as an alternate, but then who uses the term 'journeyman' anymore?) ....there is a lot to be learned in the arts of conversation for all of us, and that goes for the doing the background research and interest in anyone you happen to be talking to. Terri's approach is, in fact, something I've always felt should be taught in basic language arts classes from about 6th grade up. Thus did Terri merit a place in this portfolio. Also, in her very early days at WUHY in Philly she interviewed a wonderfully odd curmudgeon named Tom Schaeffer, and I thought anyone who could see the value of appreciating things through his eyes was pretty special. He was pretty special, God rest his atheistic and fervently bitchy soul....and I sculpted Terri remembering Tom.