Burnt Weeny Sandwich - the Frank Zappa bobblehead bust


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    THIS BOBBLE-HEAD REALLY BOBBLES NICELY. Frank would be proud. And the fauz-bronze nameplate is really freaked-out..... which was the alternate title. Perhaps, if you buy this, you can paint FREAK-OUT across one of the blocks he is on. ....or create a decal from Schenkel's first Mothers cover.

    Frank Zappa is one of a kind of course....little do people know that he was absolutely serious composer ---with a record collection of 20th century modern music to beat the band, that is, the Mothers of Invention. But then, again, his works for the Mothers were unbeatable, so who's on first? I will probably perhaps re-do this is a little too sweet and less on the Zap. If you see this before it is mounted on the marble base, it will be on a black marble base quite soon.