Mick Jagger plastic resin hood ornament


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    IF YOU ARE PURCHASING, TELL ME WHICH ONE YOU WANT--short oak or long mahogany base.

    This was done as a lark... when I promised a friend vendor a series of pop singers to go with my Jerry Garcia, I immediately thought of Mick's craggy face....actually Keith Richards' is craggier, and I'm getting ready to cast a larger bust of him. Mick, however, was fated to have similar facial characteristics to John Maynard Keynes, whose little bust I had started early in my career but was never satisfied, or finished with. Thus, my impatience (and my vendor friend wanting small pieces he could sell cheap) meant that Jagger ended up quickly sculpted, but very small. Putting his body in a forward posture (yet without the tongue) I immediately realized he'd become a hood ornament...and looked around for the perfect bathroom fixture on which to afix his chest. And this is the story of this hood ornament, which, if you wish to have a REAL metal and chrome-plated version for your vintage MG, you should contact me and we'll work something out to have it cast in Nickel. Until that time, however, you have two different wood bases to choose from, cheap, cast in white resin and sprayed with "General Chrome" from a local Auto Zone.

    ALSO NOTE: if you intend on using THIS plastic version on your old 60's vintage heap, it was super-glued onto the wood with 4 dots of glue. Sorry. I haven't tried popping it off, but the resin could split on you. It should come off with careful application of a blade. If it cracks I'll send you a new one without the base.