Schumpeter, Bust of economist Jos. Schumpeter, bronze patina


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    J.A.Schumpeter was my dad's favorite, and I will admit I've never even OPENED his 2 volume Theory of Business Cycles, but I have devoured with colored pencils and marginal notes his 800p. History of Economic Analysis (I have only 200 pp to go!). He is, therefore, also my favorite ..thanks to my dad's library which I inherited. Not to say that I disagreed with my dad over the Austrians, of whom Schumpeter is a moderate representative, and Menger remains my 'cause juste et celebre.' But I've sculpted too many men with beards, and they all tend to look alike. I shall do Menger and Ruskin and Rodin all at once with different nameplates.

    I am happy with Schumpeter...he is on my now 'standard' economist base, looking quite like he looked, I think. He will make a great addition to any economist's office.

    The one shown is 'floating' on the base, that is, affixed with wire may not ship well to Europe.