Socrates - copy of an ancient bust in hydrocal plaster ---antiqued white

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    3x3x7 inches. 2lbs. This piece represents the high-point of my craft to date. I am extremely proud to have recreated a bust of Socrates from the cover of my Penguin edition of Xenophon's "Last Days of Socrates." I felt that my bust of Xenophon was sitting out there alone amidst a field of 20th century composers, and he needed some company from his antiquity. Had I done a search on existing busts I might never have started this one, BUT if you search for images of Socrates on the web, you will surely decide that this little fellow is probably closest to what he looked like.

    The casting is in hard plaster hydrocal (which is white). The bronze patina came out better than I've ever before realized (eg made real)---- the base was accomplished with red and green food coloring mixed in denatured alcohol and graphite powder. The patina for the face was created with yellow food coloring and graphite powder mixed in a base of polyurethane clear varnish. Everything was buffed to a shine with my palms inside rubber gloves.