SCHRODINGER, faux bronze bust of physicist Erwin Schrodinger with freestanding cat

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    This is rather a fun piece. Schrodinger is the guy who thought he should be as famous as Einstein, because, in fact, he is the one who gave us the entire alternate universe of Quantum Mechanics, from which the basically 20th century analysis of light depends, and all kinds of modern inventions and technology have come on the scene lasers, and CD players-- depend on to work. He is also famous for his cat, though it was not HIS cat, but the IDEA of a cat in a box with something that might or might not kill him (poor guy)...but you could only speak of the cat as either dead or alive (that is, if you couldn't hear him yowling or scratching). This is, I believe, how we can consider light particle/waves or any electron basically.

    My cat is only HALF a cat, which is allowable, since busts are hardly a WHOLE person, and Erwin's head is sitting on a globe of something, perhaps a giant particle. It is also not Schrodinger's cat, but Paul Gallico's, who was immortalized in "The Silent Miaow." He comes with a nameplate of his own. "Half of Gallico's Cat that lives on (ergo) Schrodinger is immortal" Whether this bit of nonsense makes any sense, it will surely lighten up any physics lab.

    As can be seen, the pieces come out, and thus can be swiveled on their base.